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Japan and its Air Force

JAPAN’S AIR FORCE BEFORE WWII The first use of air power in Japan was during the Russo-Japanese War of 1905, when the Imperial Japanese Army used hydrogen balloons for observation..  Read more>>>

Greece and Its Air Force

The Hellenic Air Force dates to 1911 and today operates modern aircraft like the F-16 Fighting Falcon. This article discusses the country's politics, culture and how they relate to their armed forces.  Read more>>>

World Fighter 2020

Forth generation fighter aircraft include: F-4 Phantoms, F-5 Freedom Fighter/Tiger IIs and F-16 Fighting Falcons. Developed in the 1970 they are still in wide use today. Read more>>>

Carbon Nanotubes, De-icing Aircraft

In-flight airframe icing has been a problem since the 1930s, when planes could fly fast and high enough for ice to form on the leading edges of wings.


Helicopter Batteries 101

Rotary-wing aircraft and automobiles do not have all that much in common, except for the fact that they both use an on-board battery.  Read more>>>

Canada and Its Air Force

The Royal Canadian Air Force has a long history with the C-130, dating back to 1960, when the 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron received its first B model Hercules. Read more>>>

Jet Fuel Today

U.S. military aircraft around the world, including turbine engine-powered transports, helicopters, and fighters, use hundreds of thousands of gallons of jet fuel on a daily basis.  Read more>>>

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