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Scotty Kilmer Talks About my Books

Check out Scotty's YouTube channel and subscribe. Click here if you want to learn more about his automotive experience and YouTube videos. 

My first video! This is the first video in the series, "Three Things About Automotive Electrical Systems." This video discusses the first steps in diagnosing automotive electrical problems. It covers what an electrical circuit is and how identify it to start the process of figuring out why something electrical is not working.

Three More Things about Automotive Electrical Systems. Part 2, Voltage, Amperage and Resistance. I discuss what they are and how they interrelate with each other, and to 12-volt automotive circuits.

Three types of automotive electrical circuits. Series, Parallel and Series Parallel. Understanding the rules for these circuits will help you to figure out what’s wrong with electrical problems on your car or truck.

Voltage Drop Testing allows you to test for a bad connections, switches or corroded wiring  BEFORE you replace parts. Once you understand how to perform the test you can save time and money diagnosing and repairing electrical problems on your car.

Small Title

How to read a wiring diagram shows you how to use wiring diagrams to solve electrical problems on your vehicle. Starting with an easy-to-understand diagram and progressing to more complex diagrams you will learn how to “read” a wiring diagram and discover the cause of an electrical component/circuit not working. There is a wiring diagram exercise in the video so you can practice reading a wiring diagram.

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