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How to Diagnose and Repair Automotive Electrical Systems

In How to Diagnose and Repair Automotive Electrical Systems, author and ASE Certified Master Technician Tracy Martin explains the principles behind automotive electrical systems and describes how they work. Now, readers no longer need fear working on the jumble of wires beneath the dash or hood of their vehicle.
Automotive electrical systems can seem a mystery, if not a black art, to the weekend mechanic and even to some experienced pros. From Ohm’s Law, and an explanation of 12-volt systems, to specific electrical scenarios and more, Tracy thoroughly dissects automotive electrical systems and explains the various tools needed for diagnoses and repair including: multimeters, voltmeters, timing lights, coil testers, lab scopes, and more.

How to Diagnose and Repair Automotive Electrical Systems is available on Amazon.

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How to Use Automotive

Diagnostic Scanners

Paying a dealership to scan for trouble codes to determine why your car's "check engine" light has come on is a common expense. Scanning automotive computers for trouble codes at home can save you money and only requires the ability to plug in an adapter to an easily accessible port on your car and interface with a smartphone or tablet. With the right devices, and a little knowledge, it is possible to perform On Board Diagnostic checks in your garage or driveway.

How to Use Automotive Diagnostic Scanners (second edition) teaches you how to choose the right scanner for your application; how to use it and provides a comprehensive list of trouble code definitions. Photos and diagrams help you understand OBD-I and OBD-II systems (including CAN) and the scanners that read the information they record. From catalytic converters, and O2 sensors, to emissions and automotive detective work, this is the complete reference for keeping your vehicle EPA-compliant and on the road. 

How to Use Automotive Diagnostic Scanners is available on Amazon


How to Tune and Modify

Motorcycle Engine

Management Systems

From electronic ignition to electronic fuel injection, slipper clutches to traction control, today’s motorcycles are made up of much more than an engine, frame, and two wheels. Plus, just as the technology has changed, so have the tools required to work on them. How to Tune and Modify Motorcycle Engine Management Systems addresses all of a modern motorcycle’s engine-control systems and informs readers on how to get the most out of working on their bike. Topics covered include:

  • How electronic fuel injection works

  • Aftermarket fuel injection systems

  • Open-loop and closed-loop operation

  • Fuel injection products and services

  • Tuning and troubleshooting

  • Getting more power from a motorcycle engine

  • Diagnostic tools

  • Electronic throttle control

  • Interactive computer-controlled exhaust systems

How to Tune and Modify Motorcycle Engine Management Systems is available on Amazon.

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Motorcycle Electrical

Systems Troubleshooting

and Repair

A motorcycle's electrical system can be daunting to even the most adept home mechanic. The more complex these systems become, the more useful it is to know what it takes to work on them. That's where this book comes in with a user-friendly guide to understanding, diagnosing, and fixing the electrical systems and components that make a motorcycle run, or not.


In this book Tracy Martin explains the principles behind motorcycle electrical systems and how they work. Various tools are detailed including multimeters and test lights, that can be used to evaluate and troubleshoot electrical problems. Using hands-on projects, readers are taken on a guided tour of their bike's electrical system and along the way provided clear, step-by-step instructions for diagnosing specific problems. (This is a second edition of this book.)

Motorcycle Electrical Systems Troubleshooting and Repair is available on Amazon.

Yuasa Technical Manual

Powersports Batteries

Working on all types of power sports vehicles, technicians and owners are often faced with battery related questions. How do I activate a new battery? How do I charge a battery and what type of battery charger should I use? What’s the difference between AGM and conventional batteries? How do I test or install a battery? ...and more.

Whether you are a professional technician working in a motorcycle dealership, or an avid power sports enthusiast, this technical manual will provide you with in-depth information on how a battery operates, new battery activation, maintenance, installation tips and how to get maximum power and life from a battery.

Tracy Martin wrote this manual for Yuasa Battery, Inc. It was featured on their website for several years and downloaded thousands of times by power sports dealerships and motorcycle enthusiasts.

The complete manual is available for download>>>

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