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Diesel Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Service

Since 2010 the EPA has required all passenger vehicles to use SCR technology. This articles discusses common problems that owners and repair shops encounter with SCR systems.  Read more>>>

Understanding Diesel DPF Service and Repair

A major exhaust component from diesel exhaust is soot or particulate matter. This article explorers how to service Diesel Particulate Filters.  Read more>>>

Pocket Power, OBD-II Scantools

Professional technicians don't generally purchase tools that do-it-your-self owners use. This article explorers the alternatives to professional-grade scan tools and code readers.  Read more>>>

Connected Versus "Connected" Vehicle

What do Automobiles and Smartphones have in common? The auto industry is entering a phase of significant innovation where vehicles will be  considered personal transportation “devices” with many of the features found on smartphones.  Read more>>>

Securing the Connected Car

Imagine driving along and your refrigerator sends a message to your connected car letting you know that you are out of milk.  Read more>>>