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Servicing TPMS Can Add to a Shop's Bottomline

TPMS sensors are constantly draining their batteries, becoming damaged during tire repairs, replacements, rotations and from corrosion. This represents a huge opportunity for income to flow into a repair shop—don’t send your customers to the dealership for TPMS service..  Read more>>>

The  Future of Commercial Transportation

While we are a few years away from large fleets of full-sized, driverless electric buses operating in and around major U.S. cities, there are many examples of these fleets operating on a smaller scale..  Read more>>>

Turbocharger Replacement

In 2021, 38% of all new vehicles sold in the U.S. have a turbocharged engine. As miles accumulate turbochargers will have to be replaced.  Read more>>>

Preventing Collisions

Around 80% of vehicles today have driver assist systems. Find out how this technology prevents accidents and keeps drivers' safe.  Read more>>>

The Future of Hybrid Vehicles

At the turn of the 20th century, the idea that automobiles, a new technology at the time, had to be powered by gasoline wasn't a given.  Read more>>>

Lighting the Way!

Just as the automobile has evolved, so too, have the lighting systems that provide the means to see danger while navigating highways in the dark. From simple reflector lights to computer-controlled "smart" headlights this article discusses the latest lighting technology.  Read more>>>

Advanced Driver Assist Systems

ADS, or advanced driver-assistance systems, is front and center in today's automotive technology and is the precursor to fully autonomous driving vehicles.


Dodge RAM E-Torque, a "Mild" Hybrid

Most OEMs offer one or more hybrid models but only for cars or crossover vehicles. The full-sized pickup truck market has been without this technology until now.  Read more>>>

Connected Versus "Connected" Vehicle

What do Automobiles and Smartphones have in common? The auto industry is entering a phase of significant innovation where vehicles will be  considered personal transportation “devices” with many of the features found on smartphones.  Read more>>>

Securing the Connected Car

Imagine driving along and your refrigerator sends a message to your connected car letting you know that you are out of milk.  Read more>>>

Pocket Power, OBD-II Scantools

Professional technicians don't generally purchase tools that do-it-your-self owners use. This article explorers the alternatives to professional-grade scan tools and code readers.  Read more>>>

Understanding Horsepower & Torque

How much power an engine produces has been a subject surrounded by controversy since the advent of
the steam engine in the late 18th century. Defining
illusive horsepower numbers has always come down to who you ask and what dynamometer was used to measure it.  

Understanding Diesel DPF Service and Repair

A major exhaust component from diesel exhaust is soot or particulate matter. This article explorers how to service Diesel Particulate Filters.  Read more>>>

Diesel Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Service

Since 2010 the EPA has required all passenger vehicles to use SCR technology. This articles discusses common problems that owners and repair shops encounter with SCR systems.  Read more>>>

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